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Every day we meet the challenge of maintaining our communities to the highest standard and creating a comfortable place our residents can call home.

- Michael Donovan
Director of Maintenance


POAH Communities has a strong record of achieving high scores in management inspections, physical asset inspections and maintains an excellent record relative to program compliance across the portfolio. POAH Communities accomplishes this by hiring and retaining talented professionals who are committed to the business of service. The full-time property manager for each development is supported by office assistants and a maintenance staff. Our regional property supervisors typically possess more than twenty years of multi-family property management experience. At the corporate level, we support each site with departments dedicated to technical assistance, program support (compliance with housing programs), accounting, information technology, maintenance & construction, training, marketing, risk management, policy and human resources.


POAH Communities clients are particularly appreciative of the financial oversight and monthly reporting provided. Each property has a portfolio accountant who is responsible for financial reporting and the stewardship of how funds are utilized. These professionals are trained in all aspects of affordable housing programs and assist clients and team members in meeting property objectives.

POAH Communities works with three major auditing firms and has an excellent record in assisting clients to secure first-rate audits completed in a timely manner. POAH Communities has never had a qualified audit or any major program deficiency.

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Since its founding in 2001, we have served local communities by supporting affordable housing for low and middle-income families through various federal and state housing programs including: Low Income Tax Credit (LIHTC), Section 8, Section 236, RAP, Rent Supplement, HOME, MRVP and Section 13A. POAH Communities understands and values these various regulatory requirements and continues to explore channels to make the regulatory process more efficient.

POAH Communities has developed risk management standards and tools to identify and analyze the challenges of safety that our residents, guests and staff members face regularly. These standards are designed so that all stake holders can be part of the process to single out specific threats, assess unique vulnerabilities, and identify ways to reduce these risks. In the Risk Management department at POAH Communities, we are constantly seeking to determine how we can mitigate, reduce or prevent losses. Our centralized database allows us to analyze claims and look for trends in the losses we incur.

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On a daily basis, POAH Communities bring a high level of customer service to our investors, lenders, housing agencies, community organizations & leaders, partners and – most importantly – our residents.
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In order to create a safer environment for our partners, employees, and residents alike, we are always considering potential risks and developing new ways to eliminate them.
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