Thank you for your interest in a POAH Community! Offering quality, affordable apartments across the country, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (“POAH”) works hard to provide you with a great housing value in a comfortable community.

We hope you will use this website to explore the POAH Communities near you. Some are in urban settings, while others are more suburban or rural. Some are focused on active senior living, while others offer larger units for families. We provide a range of attractive amenities, as well as options for people with mobility, hearing or sight concerns.

Most important, every POAH Community shares a common goal: to create a community where neighbors and staff look out for each other, celebrate life’s joys and victories together and pitch in to help in daily challenges when we can. A POAH Community is a good option if you are looking to stretch your dollar. At many POAH Communities, we have accessed government resources to help keep our rents affordable.


POAH Communities are managed by Preservation Housing Management, LLC. Our team of over 200 professionals is dedicated to easing the stress of housing, so that you can focus on living your life and meeting your family’s goals. In some places, we’ve brought resources – like after-school activities or educational programs – right into the community to help you meet those goals. We also have high standards – both for ourselves and for those who make their homes with us. We trust that you’ll help us meet these standards!

Many of our customers put down roots, make the neighborhood their own, and come home to a POAH Community year after year. We hope you will do the same. Your home is waiting at a POAH Community and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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